CN Tower, Toronto
Hello to everyone.

2008 was a good year for the Ontario Racewalkers.  We have several active members, many of them new.

Unfortunately our web site – has been inactive due to home computer problems.  I
have decided to hand over “caretaker” responsibilities to Sarah Raetsen who will do a far better job than I…she’s
so much younger.  You will be able to go on site to find out all about us, what’s new, upcoming events & results.  
There will be a registration section where all required forms can be obtained.  A photo gallery and most
important, a section on members where we will have a picture of every member along with a short Bio.  
note: I need all members to
email me a picture and Bio.  Sarah will update it weekly, so if you want anything
added to the results or chat room, she’ll do it for us.  Hopefully, this will bring us all much closer together.  The
site costs approx. $250 a year.  A great investment!

The Ontario Racewalkers are offering special packages that will fit the needs of each athlete.  There are three

Package 1) This package is for athletes that belong to another club but wish to support and be a member of The
Ontario Racewalkers as well.
Cost: $25 Club Fee – payable to Ontario Racewalkers.  Forms: Club registration only.

Package 2) This package is strictly for Non-Competitive athletes or athletes belonging to another club that
receive only part-time coaching.
Cost: $75 (includes insurance coverage)  Forms: Club registration and Athletics Ontario Non-Competitive
Membership form.  Submit both forms with cheque, payable to Ontario Racewalkers to Lily Whalen.

Package 3) This package is for athletes receiving year round coaching.  In addition to coaching they receive full
administration which include handling all registrations (CMAA & OTFA), all major event entries,
arranging of travel and accommodation to major meets.  The club also partially subsidizes athletes
that go to major Canadian, US and World Championships.  2008 Masters subsidies include:$200 in
entry fees + $200 in Travel & Accommodation to major meets (only).
Masters Cost: $275 Club Fee + $40 Canadian Masters Membership + $5 OTFA Masters
Membership insurance). Total Cost - $320.  
Forms: Club registration form, Athletics Ontario Power of Attorney
form.  Mail all forms to Lily Whalen.

Costs for all other age groups - see registration form.

Special Note #1: “All NEW Package 3” members must purchase the new club uniform consisting of a quality lined
wind suit and a competition Jersey at the very low price of $100.  Call Lily for full details.

Special Note #2: The Ontario Racewalkers are part of a much larger organization.  There are two other sister
clubs - the Etobicoke Huskies-Striders and the Gladstone Track & Field Club.  All three clubs are managed by the
“Etobicoke Track & Field Club –  see web site:
The Ontario Racewalkers will still have their own site:
Contact Person:  Lily Whalen – phone: 416-243-5413; email:
Mail all forms to Lily at: 39 Allanhurst Drive, Etobicoke, ON, M9A 4J9

Stafford Whalen, Club President        
Just click on the forms required in Package you select.