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2013 is upon us!  Training continues and we are happy to have lots of new faces joining us.  On January
12,2013 we announced our 2012 Male and Female Athletes of the Year.  Congratulations to
Sue Brooke
and J
ean Pierre (JP) Fortin!  May you both continue your success into 2013!
February 17, 2013

The indoor season is well underway.  Check out how our athletes have been doing in our Results section.  
Of note is our club's 5th place team placement in the Senior Division at the Athletics Ontario Senior Champs
on February 16, 2013.  Our ladies worked hard to get this spot out of 26 teams.  This is an excellent
placement.  Congratulations ladies!
February 19, 2013

Creighton Connolly, our fast (and tall!) teammate currently living abroad in Manchester UK, is continuing to
show great improvement.  He walked a new personal best in a 5km indoor race on Saturday in a time of
20:54!  Holy smokes!  Way to go Creighton!

Also, check out Ken Atkins' result in the Fort Lauderdale 1/2 marathon on Sunday
here.  He tells us that the
race day temperatures were oddly low for Florida (6 degrees!).  Although I'm sure it was still much more
enjoyable than the -22 we had here on Sunday!
February 25, 2013

Huge congratulations to our latest Canadian record holders, Kris Kozell and Jean Horne!  Krks broke the
old 1,500m W60 record and Jean broke the old W80 record.  Way to go ladies!  We are all very proud of

We're back from a great weekend in Ottawa at the 6th annual "One Hour"!  We had three athletes
competing in their very first race!  You ladies should be very proud of yourselves!  We sure are!  The rest of
us had a good end to the indoor season/good start to the outdoor season.  Looking forward to some nice
weather to get some good walks in outdoors!
April 18, 2013

Registration for our annual Art Keay Memorial Racewalk is now OPEN.  Click HERE for the registration
form.  Come out and join us!
June 8, 2013

We'd like to welcome some new racewalkers to the club!  They won't be walking for a while but they're
welcome to come out and join us any time when they do!  Congrats to Rachel and Tim and Nadine and
Mark on your beautiful baby girls!

Wow, its been a busy few months for the Ontario
Racewalkers!  Some of us went south of the
equator to Brazil to compete in the World Masters
Athletics Championships.  And every one of us
came home with a medal, some of us more than
one!  Special congrats to Sue and Anne and
excellent jobs well done.

After a bit of down time, we are now starting up
again with some base building to get ready for the
indoor season.  We're always looking for new
members, so come on out and join us on a

Ontario Racewalker Sue Brooke, who is actually
an Alberta racewalker (haha!) is the Canadian
Masters Athlete of the Month for October for her
awesome performance in Brazil!  Congrats Sue!
December 15, 2013

Adding to Sue Brooke's accolades is the honour of
Alberta Road Masters Athlete of the Year for 2013!  
Here's to a similar 2014 for you Sue!
The 2014 club forms are available now!  Come join us!

here for the two forms to fill out.