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January 9, 2012
And we're off!  Another indoor season has begun!  We started it off with a 1,500m race at York University.  
Check out our results
January 23, 2012

Here's an update from some of our out-of-province teammates:

Creighton Connolly (at school in St. John's NFLD) is training hard for his first big race which will be in
Coconut Creek Florida on February 18, 2012. His workouts have been going very well. Last week he had an
"easy" 5k time trial on a 200m indoor track. He did a personal best time of 20:44...not bad for a tight turn
track especially considering that he's 6'5" tall.  Creighton also informs us that he might be spending all of
May in Toronto, so we may get to see more of him then.

Susan Brooke (Calgary) has also been training very hard for her first 20k as a member of ORW. Training in
Calgary's winter conditions can be very tough. She has had good days and bad...just like the rest of us, but
has not missed one critical workout including a 20km workout followed by a 30km workout 3 days later. She
did a "relaxed" 10km time trial a week ago in 58:43! She raced her first indoor 1,500m walk in Edmonton on
January 22 and is preparing for her big 20km which will be in Huntington Beach, California on March 11th.

Rachel Seaman (San Diego/Peterborough) is now living in San Diego with Olympic husband Tim Seaman.
Most of you know that Rachel has set the new Canadian 20km Walks recorded a number of times in 2011
and just missed the 2012 Olympic standard by only 3 seconds!!!!!!
Her training is going very well (San Diego had close to perfect training conditions all year round). Rachel's
first attempt at the 20km Olympic standard of 1:33:30 will be in Huntington Beach, California on March 11th.  
Also noteworthy is husband Tim's performance in the USA 50K Olympic Trials on January 22.  From the
updates, it sounded like a pretty competitive race for 1st and 2nd place.  Tim walked a 4:05:50 finishing just
short of 1st place.

As for some in-province teammates....congratulations to the participants in Sunday's Mini Meet!  Mary
competed in her first-ever indoor race, and Anne had a great comeback race - she's back!
Here's a great picture of Kris, Anne and Jean after the Ontario Masters
Indoor Championships on February 26, 2012.
February 28, 2012

Check out our Events section for details and entry forms for two upcoming outdoor races:
-- Art Keay Memorial Racewalk on Sunday May 27, 2012
March 11, 2012

It was a great weekend of races at the Canadian
Masters Athletics Indoor Championships.  
Congratulations to our newest Canadian
record-holder -- Jean Pierre (JP)!!!  He broke Paul
Guimond's M35 1,500m record.  Congratulations
everyone on a great indoor season.
April 1, 2012

Its hard to believe the indoor season is over.  After a short bit of down time, we're back to base
building.  On St. Patrick's Day we had a terrific dinner at Lily and Stafford's to celebrate our 2011
season.  The meal and conversation were wonderful, and there was even a huge (yet unfortunate)
surprise to end the night, which saw the athletes helping to mop up the coach's kitchen floor!

Congratulations to our 2011 Athletes of the year: Jean Horne and John Kittredge!
more pictures from the 2011 team party are here (under "miscellaneous pictures").

HUGE Congratulations to former Ontario Racewalker Rachel
Seaman on going under the 'A' standard and qualifying for the
2012 London Olympics!!!!!  Rachel competed in Naumberg
Germany today, beating her own Canadian Record and
punching her card to the Olympics in a time of 1:33:05.  Way to
go Rachel, we are all very proud of you!
May 13, 2012

It was a big weekend for racewalking this weekend.  The IAAF World Cup of Racewalking was on
in Saransk, Russia.  Coach Stafford Whalen and athlete Creighton Connolly were there (and of
course, Rachel too!) representing our club!  Under very humid conditions, Creighton walked a PB
of 1:30:49.  Rachel made her top placement ever at Worlds walking a 1:38:44 to finish 46th overall.

Canada sent a big team this year - the biggest story may be Inaki Gomez's (from BC) 14th place
finish!  I know he's trying to hit the top 10 at the Olympics, so he's definitely well on his way.

Here are the Canadian results:

Mens 20K                                                                                    Women's 20K
14        Inaki GOMEZ                          1:21:58                          46      Rachel SEAMAN              1:38:44
82        Creighton CONNOLLY        1:30:49 PB                     64     Nicola EVANGELISTA      1:42:37 PB
86       Ben THORNE                         1:31:26 SB
102     Bruno CARRIERE                 1:43:28 PB
June 6, 2012

Big congratulations to our teammate Creighton
Connolly on earning a fellowship in Manchester,
England (beating out 250+ other competitors -
but we're not surprised!).  Please don't pick up a
Manchester accent while you're there, or we'll
never be able to understand you when you come
back to visit! (
can anybody else besides me not
understand the characters on Coronation St.?
Good luck, get some great walking done, and
we hope to see you again soon!

A special visitor dropped in to work out with
us last Thursday.  Rachel is in town visiting
her family en route to the London Olympics
with a stop at Canadian Nationals in Calgary
along the way!

It was nice to see her for just that short little
time before she left us in her dust!  Rachel,
we're all so proud of you and cheering for you
really really hard!
July 30, 2012

Well, the Olympics have started!  On August 4th we'll be
following the Men's 20K walk and rooting for Inaki Gomez
from BC.  On August 11, our Rachel will be competing in
the Women's 20K walk.  Some of us will be in New
Brunswick competing in a 10K walk, so we'll definitely be
channeling our inner "Olympic athlete".  Check out this
picture of Rachel at the opening ceremonies!

Yesterday, some of us competed at the Ontario Masters
Outdoor Championships.  Coming up next is our trip to
Saint John, New Brunswick next week.  We're looking
forward to seeing some our friends from across Canada,
plus others from Venezuela, Mexico and the USA!
September 21, 2012

One of our "teammates from afar" competed
in the Alberta Racewalk Championships on
September 15, 2012.  Susan Brooke, walked
a great 20K in 1:55:39.