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Welcome to the Homepage of the Ontario Racewalkers!

How the Ontario Racewalkers club began:

In 1984, Jaan Roos started to teach racewalking one night a week at the Central YMCA in downtown
Toronto in Ontario, Canada.  As interest increased, Jaan also began to lead a group of regulars, including
Josh Fedder, Len Weinstein, Merike Kalm and Joan Sutherland, on a 10K walk through a nearby
neighbourhood.  This training continued through all seasons and, by 1990, the members of the group were
improving their racewalking techniques by meeting at a school track and getting together on an informal
basis to complete 10K walks on the weekends.

This was the beginning of our club!

    -> Ontario Racewalkers was incorporated in 1992
    -> We still walk year round
    -> Newcomers always welcome

Summer of 2000:
In the summer of 2000, our coach and race director, Jaan Roos and one of our OTFA judges, Mickey Kalm
moved to Minden, Ontario.  Our very experienced Assistant Coach, Joan Sutherland, has continued to teach
racewalking in Toronto.

Jaan Roos and Mickey Kalm retired from the club in December 2004.  They remain active as judges for
many Ontario events.  Stafford Whalen was elected President in 2005.  Stafford is the new head coach and
is also Athletics Canada's National Race Walk Coordinator/Coach.  His assistant coach is Joan Sutherland.

A new web site was created for the Ontario Racewalkers in 2006.  Our site allows all members and friends
to learn all about us and keep everyone informed about what is happening in the racewalking scene.

The Ontario Racewalkers elected a new executive team made up of Stafford Whalen - President; Kitty
Cashman - Vice President; John Kittredge - Treasurer; Sarah Raetsen - Secretary/Web Master; Lily Whalen
- Administrator.

A new club logo:

and club colours, RED, were approved.  A special thanks to Don (spouse of one of our athletes) for his
design expertise.